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Our motto is “The Road We Travel.” You’ve seen it inscribe on our bracelets, you’ve seen it through the hundreds of miles we’ve journeyed in our truck, and most importantly you see it in the beautiful things we curate from all over the world. Uncovering beauty and discovering artistry is our passion and we will go to great lengths to uncover it all.

Over the years, we’ve met many designers who we love – not just for their fantastic design and craftsmanship, but also for the friendships we’ve built with our global makers. We asked many of our designers and artists what “the road we travel” means to them. Here are their words:

It’s about embracing life's wonderful journey, with all it's ups and downs and keeping an open mind through faith, hope and love.

Euan McDonald, co-founder | Buba

The Styleliner's "The road we travel" reminds me of this beautiful truth: the journey counts just as much as the destination!

Julie Coste, founder | Treasures

The Styleliner motto means freedom and motion. When I think of travel, it does not necessarily mean moving through space and physically going from point A to point B. It can mean traveling in your mind, like daydreaming. Imagination often requires us to travel outside ourselves and into new places. It means being open to new people, new cultures and new ideas, and in the end Forest of Chintz draws inspiration from all of these things.

Sumangali Gada, designer | Forest of Chintz

To us, “the road we travel” is about exploring civilizations and where we came from. Sometimes, in order to make beautiful things, we have to return to certain values and discover our internal worlds.

Dimitriadis — who wrote this one Esme?

Every human being has its own unique path. Most humans are lost at many crossroads but once we are true to ourselves, our unique road is revealed. It takes courage, patience and self awareness to go down this unique road. Kavafis, a Greek poet, has written a beautiful poem tittled “Ithaca,” where he praises the journey one makes before reaching the final destination. We’re proud to be a part of the Styeliner that has so clearly defined their unique path!

Katherina Psoma, designer & founder | Katerina Psoma

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Dear Global Treasure Hunter


We’re starting 2015 with a fresh new look. I travel the world sourcing the most interesting new designers from luxury trade shows in Paris to obscure flea markets in the middle of the Andes. My trips are fueled by my passion to discover the most beautiful and interesting things!

My dream is that you feel the same sense of discovery when exploring our new site. Our Collections highlight our new favorite things each season. This season, we’re celebrating special one-of-a-kind finds and putting the spotlight on my own recently launched handbag line. The Designer section introduces you to many talented creators we’ve partnered with over the years, and please check out our blog for a look into what we’re doing at The Styleliner.

We’re excited to show you our new look and opening up our world to you. Happy discoveries!

the styleliner in ecuador

the styleliner in ecuador

the styleliner in ecuador

the styleliner in ecuador

The Styleliner in Ecuador


From jungle mysteries to breath taking Andean heights to vast Pacific grandeur, Ecuador is one of the most fascinating places on earth. Last Fall, Joey Wolffer, Styleliner founder and creator of her famously coveted cross-body bag took to discovering the beauty that Ecuador had to offer.

Here’s a list of her top 3 reasons why Ecuador should be next on your vacation hit list.

1. Otavalo Market. Set in a tiny town in the Otavalo Valley, it’s the holy grail of craft markets. Indigenous people from all the surrounding regions bring their crafts into this market every Saturday. They set up a visual feast of hand woven wall hangings, hand woven silk Ikats, alpaca ponchos and beautifully printed scarves, to name a few of the stunning items on display. One can easily get lost for hours lost in the beauty of the craftsmanship and the friendliness of the merchants. My favorite thing I bought was ____.

2. Outdoor activities. Most people think of only the Galapagos when they think of Ecuador. But that’s a mistake! While I was there, I went paragliding off a 12,000 ft. mountain, rode horses right after a massive thunderstorm and hiked amongst acres of tall grass, cows, pigs. It’s incredible varied terrain and amazing biodiversity can be experienced on and off the Galapgos.

3. The People. Ecuadoreans are some of the nicest and kindest people I’ve ever met. They are incredibly creative, work very hard, and always have a welcoming smile on their face. Whether it was explaining their mastery of weaving, or sharing a nice dish of chicken feet, I felt an immediate closeness and connection.