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Joey Wölffer’s Boho Luxe Accessory Truck Sets Up Shop in NYC


Joey Wolffer’s Boho Luxe Accessory Truck Sets Up Shop in NYC

The StyleLiner travels up and down the east coat all year long, but has temporarily set up shop in NYC's East 70s.

Joey Wolffer doesn’t stay in one place for too long. Since founding the StyleLiner, a converted truck from which she sells luxury accessories, she has made the rounds up and down the east coast annually for the past five years, curating and selling a selection of scarves, jewelry and even bags of her own design to the east coast’s most affluent women.

In the summer, she decamps in East Hampton. Then, she flees the cold by making her way down to Florida, always with retail coordinator Esme Yozell by her side. The StyleLiner has also done stints in Atlanta and, improbably, Montreal Fashion Week. This year, Ms. Wolffer hopes to hit Texas for the first time.

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