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Friday, 09 December 2011 14:43

Never Felt Better


Have a look at this gorgeous cross-body felt bag made by the French company NSEW!

Every woman (and someCross Body Felt  4e9cf6aa1aa39

husbands!) who steps aboard The Styleliner makes a B-line straight for this pretty baby and can't bring themselves to set it down again. Made from lightweight wool felt, this bag is the ultimate weekender... What your packing for that quick getaway is heavy enough already, why add extra pounds with a leather satchel or a rolling suitcase?

Another thing we're loving about this bag is that it comes with both long and short straps making it the easiest thing to carry with you since your heart.
Available in red and grey, they also come in a super cute wallet version too!
Its Christmas + Hanukkah + The Feel-Good Season and that means you need some gift ideas, right? Don't forget about yourself!

Find it here


Tuesday, 15 November 2011 02:06

Avec Moderation Flats: Flat Out Fabulous


Let me ask you a question. Have you ever tread upon a cloud as angels gently kissed your weary feet? I don't want to sound dramatic, but sliding your feet into Tuscan Avec 

Moderation flats feels pretty comparable. That being said, wearing a pair of these handmade babies could quite 


possibly be the easiest decision of your day. From a pair of 

worn-in blue jeans to that new winsome skirt hanging in your closet, they are the perfect accoutrement to most any outfit. 

What The Styleliner loves about Avec Moderation is their unparalleled craftsmanship and their commitment to creating beautiful pieces that every woman wants to find when they open their wardrobe doors.

Finished with one of a kind vintage scarf detail, each pair is unique, affirming that your mirror will be the only place you spot them. 


Every woman's journey is unique, shouldn't their shoes be too?


Available in cocoa, black, camel and white we are currently offering Avec Moderation flats at the holiday price of $295. Now that's something to give thanks for!


Tuesday, 08 November 2011 23:33

A Girl's Best Friend


mysuellyLola, Louise Emma, Simone...Is there a girl in your life that answers to one of these names? Well, then she shares a moniker with a MySuelly handbag! Crafted in Paris, these elegant darlings are designed to be "a girl's best friend," and like your best friend, they are perfect to bring on a trip across town or across the ocean.

Whether you choose sturdy, color-blocked leather or a soft felt frame, the cross-body strap featured on all makes strolling around town a breeze. We think MySuelly designs look like something your impossibly chic mother might have carried 20 years ago, but also a style your daughter (or future daughter) will swipe from your closet when you're turned the other way.

With their unparalleled craftsmanship, you'll never get sick of spending time with these simply sophisticated carryalls: meaning your friendships with Lola, Louise Emma and Simone are destined to last a lifetime.

Friendship bracelets also available.


Friday, 28 October 2011 01:32

It's In The Bag


So do you ever feel like Goldy Locks when it comes to finding the perfect bag? Because I do! They're either too big, too little, or too uncomfortable to carry around. Right?

Well look no further my fickle friend, because this one is just right. Made by Marco Campomaggi, The Styleliner found this foldover leather bag with gathered detail in Italy. Our man Marco began his impressive career in 1980 as a high school student. When class was over, he'd head home to FOLDOVER GATHERED DETAILdesign and make handbags out of repurposed saddle leather and studs.

This rustic-chic piece looks like its been in the family for years and when you bring one home: you'll find that the leather only gets better with age.

We like to think of it as the ultimate saddle bag and the ruching and grommets set it apart from anything you'll see over your friends' shoulders. 

As the perfect carryall, the long (removable) strap makes it easy to hang over the back of that bistro chair over a calm Sunday brunch with The Three Little Bears.

Did you know that porridge and new bags are proven to improve heart health? Just saying.


Thursday, 29 September 2011 22:43

Can I Kick It?

Suggested listening: "Can I kick It?" by A Tribe Called Quest


Get ahead with these babies on your toes:

Slip on these foulard sneakers by Russy and you'll want to kick up your heels all over town! Made with vintage silk scarves carefully selected in markets across Italy, these are not your father's hightops.
For a sharp contrast, wear them with an all black ensemble or if the 'efortlessly cool' vibe is more your thing: don a pair of jean shorts and a white shirt.
Available in baroque, hunting and geomtric motifs, no two pairs are alike.
Boombox sold separately.

P.S. They come in a boot version too... Find them aboard The Styleliner

Monday, 12 September 2011 19:15

Fashion's Night Out

Thursday, September 8th was definitely an interesting evening. Berfdorf Goodman hosted a dog fashion show, Saks Fifth Avenue hosted the cast of Glee and Soho House, hosted the one and only Styleliner.

We rolled up to our spot at about 5, and with the help of a very friendly street vendor, parked the truck.
A little wandering led us to the 6th floor of Soho House, where a very handsome event for "Mr Porter" was being held, and out on the street, our 9th avenue neighbors, "Votre Vu," proved to be a rambunctious bunch!

Votre Vu

French beauty company,  "Votre Vu" (which I thought until google just told me otherwise, was a vodka distributer) boasted an airstream trailer, flashing lights, a dress-up station and can-can girls who jumped and jiggled nonstop to "Lady Marmalade," providing a fun show to watch from the open windows of The StyleLiner.

Hoards of fashion hungry New Yorkers pounded the pavement of the Meatpacking District and we were happy to host those daring enough to board our truck. Like this little girl:

The Styleliner FNO 2011

Woman and Men alike climbed in and out of the truck to try on our latest fall finds like cozy sweaters with chain details,  delicious silk scarves, and italian leather ballet flats that feel like you're walking in butter. Check them all out on our online shop and we can't wait to see you next time on the Styleliner where fashion is always out... day and night.


The Styleliner FNO 2011



Thursday, 16 June 2011 20:00

We’re all about discovery

Hello! And welcome to The Styleliner: the world’s first luxury treasure chest on wheels! Formerly a potato chip delivery truck, I converted it into a carefully curated, mobile boutique filled with unique and limited edition items by a host of international designers.

The launch of our new site is an exciting endeavor to bring you, the reader, along with us on our many fashion expeditions. Think of me as Ernest Shackelton (in a dress/ better hair I think), the fashion world as Antarctica (expansive/thrilling/somewhat chilly), and the Styleliner as the trusty Discovery (the ship that will carry us through our many voyages).

As with most expeditions of yore, we’ll travel to exotic places in search of new finds. Braving the elements, the airplane food, the rush-hour traffic and the awkward misunderstandings that come with language barriers, we’ll write travel logs, take pictures, and meet new people all in an effort to stock our truck with unusual items to bring to you both in person and now over the internet!

Our new website means that you’ll be able to shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for clothing, jewelry, shoes, the occasional men’s swim trunks and countless other accessories while, most importantly discovering new things. Each designer is special and merits their own page where you can learn about who they are and what they do in greater detail.

Also, be sure to check the site for the truck’s tour dates and don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Let’s do this!